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Thank you for your patience; we will be moving shortly

Dear readers, (and I’m fairly certain there are at least five of you out there, so I feel comfortable addressing you in the plural), I’m sorry for the delays. The STBR train has been a mess these past few weeks. … Continue reading

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Stumbling on Scientific Proof

In “Stumbling on Happiness,” Daniel Gilbert presents a logical and entertaining, if not particularly conclusive, explanation for why we human beings are so dang bad at predicting how the future will make us feel. Many of his points were particularly … Continue reading

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The Subway Times’ Tuesday Times

As I was riding over the Manhattan Bridge on the Q train late this afternoon, a question, posed to me by a friend in reference to the Brooklyn neighborhood in which I lived, popped into my head: “Do you feel … Continue reading

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Judy and Liberty

Twice a week, more or less, I take the L to the Q to Ditmas Park where I babysit a fabulous 18-month old boy. The commute takes between and hour and 90 minutes, so I can get a lot of … Continue reading

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“Get Happy” on a Saturday night

After many (many, many) wonderful and heart-wrenching hours spent reading “Kavalier and Clay” over the past few days, I finally finished the novel and have now begun to read something much more brisk, though not less dramatic or extraordinary: “Get … Continue reading

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Meditating on the L

Reading a book about mediation on the subway feels both futile and surprisingly useful. ‘The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times,’ by Pema Chodron, has been my underground companion for the past couple of days. … Continue reading

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