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Congratulations to Rebecca, my reading hero, who actually succeeded in completing our 2011 challenge to read 100 books over the course of the year! Read all about it here:¬† What’s up for 2012? Gotta get back on the reading bandwagon. … Continue reading

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Reading “Remainder”

What would you do if you were totally in charge of everything and everyone around you? (Get scheduled for exactly the right shifts at your restaurant job, for one thing. Perhaps have an unlimited supply of Anna’s Ginger Thins. Definitely … Continue reading

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The Best Use of a Book on the Subway

Ladies and Gentlemen of America, what is up with this heat wave? I don’t know. I really don’t. But here’s another question for you- one that you can probably answer: What is the hottest place you’ve been in the last … Continue reading

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Baby Books

Rebecca here! Sydda, as impossible to get a hold of as ever, has been neglecting both my desperate I-miss-you emails and you, darling readers. But today, I have things to say! I have spent the majority of June reading, going … Continue reading

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Thank you for your patience; we will be moving shortly

Dear readers, (and I’m fairly certain there are at least five of you out there, so I feel comfortable addressing you in the plural), I’m sorry for the delays. The STBR train has been a mess these past few weeks. … Continue reading

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I’ve been listening to music instead of reading on the train…

“There’s no such thing as privacy on the subway,” a friend pointed out to me the other day. He gestured to the woman next to us, applying her make-up in the reflection of the dark train window; to the man … Continue reading

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Making the Connection

The subway is a surprisingly comforting place to have an existential crisis. This is what I have discovered while reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog, by Muriel Barbery. Eloquent and erudite, Barbery’s book explores¬†intelligence,¬†loneliness, and Art though the journals of … Continue reading

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